Kristin Frade

Associate Partner at Novus Global, Faculty member of the Meta Performance Institute, and speaker

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About Kristin Frade

Kristin is a wife, mom, business owner, and bundt cake lover! She has been coaching, training and mentoring for over 15 years. Kristin landed in the top 1% in a previous company and brings that experience of success to you. Now, as an Executive Coach with Novus Global, and faculty member at the Meta Performance Institute for Coaching, she is an expert in customizing communication and seeing people as individuals who contribute to the betterment of the whole. Kristin thrives off the “a-ha” moments people get when they hear her speak. She has a gift for seeing things her clients don’t see for themselves and illuminating blind spots. Her coaching clients range from entrepreneurs to executives who are high-performing and deeply committed individuals. They come to her to find clarity in where they are and where they want to be, and then with actionable items and accountability, they get there faster.

Keynote Topics

Communicate in a Way You Can Be Heard

Do you feel like you are constantly trying to figure your team out? Does workplace drama affect the culture of your company? We all have different personalities, and one is not any better or worse than another. We each have gifts and talents and tend to thrive in the right environment. On the other hand, if the environment is not right for us, we can shut down completely and actually be a disruption to those around us.


So how do we create the proper culture for productivity and growth? People want to be seen and known, and this session will teach you how to easily identify ways to reach each individual team member based on their ability to give and receive communication. You will understand the fears and motivations of different groups of people and how they respond. Lastly, you will be able to more effectively help your teams through conflict management and the ability to adapt to change.

Is Perception Reality?

Have you ever heard that every story has three sides; the first person’s point of view, the second point of view, and then the truth? Have you ever been frustrated by someone who doesn’t see things the way you do?

By heightening the awareness of our perceptions, we have the ability to shift both our behaviors and our feelings towards someone or something. This has the potential to increase our influence and ability to serve those around us.

What’s your TRUE Motivator?

Do you ever wonder what actually motivates you? Have you ever tried to ‘muster up’ extra motivation to accomplish something only to be frustrated with the results? Have you ever been baffled that something you used to have significant energy for is now something you consistently avoid?

When it comes to your team, operating with a “one size fits all” motivation style is a recipe for low energy, low performance, and low satisfaction.. There are better ways to spend your time and energy than trying to analyze your team’s lack of motivation or continuously wondering about your leadership effectiveness. Motivations are not evergreen, they are fluid, and we can learn to adapt. Understanding what intrinsically motivates us or our teams can lead to more effective leadership, incentives, work satisfaction, and, employee loyalty.

Kristin’s Speaking Testimonials

Kristin is an expert at personality and leadership types. She came and spoke at our organization and it was fun and insightful! We have already seen our teams improve their effectiveness and communication.

Daniel F.

Kristin’s presentation of Communicate in a Way You Can Be Heard was phenomenal! We had great attendance, but even more impressive was the participation during the event. The Zoom chat was on fire with input and questions, so much so that it was hard to keep up with. Within minutes of the conclusion I began receiving requests for the recording and five days later, I’m still receiving multiple requests per day for access to the recording and just great feedback in general. Thank you Kristin for being a rockstar and in turn making me look like a rockstar too!

Kim C.

The Cleveland MetroHealth System