Tending to the Fire


Chapter 9

Tending to your energy is a bit of a paradox. You want to tend to it as if it was finite, but then you want to learn how to create it as if it were infinite.

beyond high performance a book by jason jaggard

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Questions to consider:

1.  Based on the descriptions in this chapter, are you more of a sailor or a rower?

2.  Make a list of activities and people that you easily create energy around.

3.  How could you structure your success to include those people and activities?

4.  Make a list of things and people that you struggle to create energy around.

5.  Do you want to either a) change how you relate to those people/activities or b) remove those people and activities as necessary for your success?

6.  What are your energy rituals? What do you do before meetings or important conversations to make sure you’re bringing your best?

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beyond high performance a book by jason jaggard

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