Creating from the Future


Chapter 5

Vision transforms the messy present into the raw materials needed to mold an extraordinary future.

beyond high performance a book by jason jaggard

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Questions to consider:

1. Write down some things that might be bothering you about your life.

2. Now, pick a category of your life (leadership, marriage, parenting, finances, spiritual, recreation, etc.) and write down your vision for what you long for in this area of your life.

3. Once you’ve written down something that excites you, take a look again at the things that were bothering you earlier. Which ones still matter? Which ones are relevant to your vision? Which ones are irrelevant?

4. What blind spots might you have that are keeping you from achieving the vision you have for your life? (put another way: how might you be getting in your own way?)

5. Potential Next Step: Have a conversation this week with someone in your world about your vision for your future. See how they respond.

6. Potential Next Step: Take one small step this week towards accomplishing your vision.

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beyond high performance a book by jason jaggard

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