Designing the Wind


Chapter 4

Culture is moving you toward some kind of future, every day, whether you like it or not.

beyond high performance a book by jason jaggard

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Novus Global Book Club: The Winds (Excerpts)

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Your Finest Hour episode: Turning Company Culture Conversations Into Action, with Lucas Ballasy

Questions to consider:

1.  How would you currently describe the culture of your relationships or teams?

2.  What role are you currently playing in helping the cultures you’re a part of improve in order to achieve the outcomes of those who are leading it?

3.  Look at the three sections from this chapter on culture and reflect on where you’re strong and where you might want to improve:

        • Sensing culture
        • Surfing culture
        • Shaping culture

4.  Potential Next Step: Have a conversation this week with someone in your world about whether or not your relationship or community or team culture is Meta Performing and if not if that would be desirable.

5.  Potential Next Step: Find one way you can help model Meta Performance in whatever culture you find yourself in and apply it this week.


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beyond high performance a book by jason jaggard

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