The Inevitability of Others


Chapter 3

In the video game of life, everyone has the next level, and no one gets there by themselves.

beyond high performance a book by jason jaggard

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How Genius & Teams Collide: a Conversation with PIXAR Cofounder Ed Catmull

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On Coaching episode: Team Environments & Aligned Visions

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Article: The Nuclear Way to Value Others

Questions to consider:

1.  Take a minute and write down all the teams in your life.

2.  Ask this question: are you encouraging other people to grow around you, or are you discouraging people from growing around you?

3.  Look at the various types of teams and see which ones are most developed and which ones are least developed:

        • Teams you’re on
        • Teams you’re with
        • Teams who work for you
        • Teams who work on you

4.  Potential Next Step: look at the team you have the least amount of in your life. What’s one small step you could take this week to begin building that type of team?

5.  Potential Next Step: how can you grow in becoming more encouraging of other people’s growth? Take a small step this week in encouraging the growth of others around you.

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beyond high performance a book by jason jaggard

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