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Beyond High Performance shows you how to see the extraordinary potential that is already inside of you, create powerful relationships to draw out that potential, and develop the habits you need to burn bright without burning out.

beyond high performance a book by jason jaggard

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What People Are Saying


CEO of the Rockefeller Group

“In Beyond High Performance, Jason walks you through what he and Novus Global did for me, my team, and so many other clients. With Novus Global’s help, we’ve achieved successes that would have been considered impossible just a few years ago. While 2021 was our most financially successful year in a decade and a half, we fully expect to do better this year. And we’re on pace to meet our ten-year goals for financial performance three years early. Jason and his team have been vital to our success.”


New York Times bestselling author of Heart: A History

As one of the world’s leading executive coaches, Jason Jaggard is a true master of motivation. Read this book to learn how to make the most of your potential — in business and life.”


Captain of the Edmonton Oilers

Beyond High Performance is for those who want to level up or help others level up their game.
A must-read.”


Founder and CEO of The Giving Keys, Oprah’s Super Soul 100

“Jason has a gift for calling us all to a higher standard. He helps us work and live in such an intentional way that reaches our greatest potential.”


Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio

“If you truly believe your leadership has no limits, then I highly recommend this compelling read by Jason Jaggard. He understands the unique strategies and authentic approaches each leader needs to take to achieve their unlimited potential. It’s a required playbook for a life of success.”


VP of High Performance, Chick-fil-A

“What are you capable of?” This is just one of many soul-piercing questions Jason Jaggard used in Beyond High Performance to expand my mind. Jason brings a fresh perspective to the topic of work, personal growth, and success. This is a book you will read again and again… generating new insights and new levels of performance every time.”

About the book

In Beyond High Performance: What Great Coaches Know About How the Best Get Better, CEO and Founder Jason Jaggard shares key insights that help leaders and teams to avoid burning out while simultaneously working to burn brighter than ever before.

beyond high performance a book by jason jaggard

Every leader needs to have the best tools and relationships they can get in order to go beyond high performance. Yet, after working with thousands of leaders and their teams we know that the vast majority of them struggle with finding the best practices, the right principles, and trusted permission to go where they haven’t yet gone in their leadership. Without these resources, most of them experience a quiet frustration and sense that they have more to offer but are unsure of how to explore that without damaging the life they’ve already worked so hard to build. Jason Jaggard, along with the Coaches at Novus Global and the Faculty of the Meta Performance Institute know all about helping people overcome the stagnation that is associated with already being good at what they do. In fact, Novus Global has developed a proprietary framework called the GO LIVE Process that has helped thousands of leaders and teams to be able to explore what they’re capable of.

What’s Inside

Preface: Seven Words That Change Everything

Introduction: The Inner World of High Performers

Part 1: The Meta-Performing Mind

1: The Prisoner, The Mercenary, and The Missionary

2: What Comes After High Performance?

3: The Inevitability of Others

4: Designing the Wind

Part 2: Go Live — The Multidox Approach

5: Creating from the Future

6: Expanding What’s Possible

7: Escaping Invisible Cages

8: Becoming Worth Following

9: Tending to the Fire

10: Maximizing Your Word

Conclusion: Coaching for a Better Future

A Message from Jason Jaggard

25 years ago, when I first started my personal journey of becoming a better leader, I was so excited. But I spent too many years knowing I had more to offer but not knowing how to access it without damaging other things I cared about. And in the last 10 years of being a professional coach, and then starting Novus Global and co-founding the Meta Performance Institute for Coaching, I have now seen thousands of leaders and teams across the world struggle with the exact same thing. And that is what led us to develop this process and write this book.

I believe that people have been gifted with way more potential than they realize. What’s missing are the conversations, tools, resources and relationships that help people develop the way of being and habits to unleash that potential, both for themselves and – more importantly – for others. I know what it’s like to have this deep sense, this ache, that you were meant to do something significant, that your life is meant to matter, that maybe, just maybe, there are grander dreams and deeper satisfactions to be experienced in life, if only you could see it and seize it.

I know that young people often feel this way, but what’s surprising is that people who are older, people who are successful – people who have “made it” or are already good at what they do – often feel this way too. Young people want to be high performers. People who are high performers are asking, “What comes after high performance?” Or put another way: “What do you do after you’re already good at what you do?”

And if any of that resonates with you, or if you have any of those same feelings, or challenges, or struggles, or hopes, or dreams, I want to openly extend an invitation to you to pre-order this book. It will make a positive difference in your leadership in business and beyond.

About Jason Jaggard

Jason Jaggard is an entrepreneur, coach, & author dedicated to inspiring the world to pursue nobility. His work has been translated into over 50 languages and featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Market Watch, Under30CEO, The Global Leadership Network, and Chief Executive Magazine. He is the founder and CEO of Novus Global, a community of elite executive coaches pursuing coaching mastery together, serving the world’s best leaders and teams to go beyond high performance. Jason is also the co-founder of The Meta Performance Institute, a non-traditional incubator for world-class coaching, leadership, and management. He is the executive producer and primary host for the award-winning Beyond High Performance Podcast, featuring interviews with world-class executive coaches along with billionaires, NYT bestselling authors, business leaders, professional athletes, activists, and award-winning entertainers. His first book, Spark: Transform Your World One Risk at a Time, can be found wherever books are sold.

Novus Global is a tribe of elite executive coaches who work with Fortune 500 Companies, Professional Athletes, World Renowned Artists and Business Leaders to create lives, teams and companies that go beyond high performance. Through our customized, ultra-practical and results-driven process, we’ve helped our clients and teams create deeply fulfilling lives and global, multigenerational impact. Among our ranks are senior thought leaders, coaches, authors, speakers, innovators and activists coaching some of the best leaders and brightest minds in the world of business, education, sports, entertainment, non-profits and government.

The Meta Performance™ Institute for Coaching offers world-class coaching training and certification programs designed to transform high-performing leaders, consultants, and coaches into Meta-Performers. At the Meta Performance Institute for Coaching, we address the obstacles and pitfalls that keep 90% of coaches from increasing their reach, generating more revenue, and creating results for themselves and the clients they serve. Our process is more than just revolutionary leadership training. It is more than just a set of tools and business strategies; our work invites you into a new way of being. This is the key to mastering executive coaching.